About Me

I have been in an intensive mind improvement study for the past five years searching and developing myself through the power of self-healing and affirmations. I share my successes by doing volunteer work with groups to provide them the tools and effective techniques to improve themselves. I teach self-reliance and empowerment workshops through various community support groups. I love to share to help others achieve their potential through providing workshops on the power of positive thinking and affirmations.

In the groups I facilitate I share my own success in by telling my groups how I learned to appreciate life and to improve my self-esteem through the power of affirmations. To put my life in perspective, I learned to surrender to see life’s blessings and that there were many opportunities around me if I only took the blinders from my eyes. This grace gave me the strength to be humble, took my egotism and self pity away, and I stopped considering myself a victim. I learned that I needed to avoid judging others and myself, and to pay focus on expanding my own knowledge which led me to my present path of assisting the less fortune to help them to live a more joyful life as I have learned to do. My teachings are the core essence of my everyday life and they come from my heart. I share this philosophy everywhere I go by looking people straight in their eyes and offering a smile.

In 2009 I began volunteering for a food pantry in my neighborhood and it had been mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically productive. In 2010 I obtained a certificate of achievement from Cornell University Cooperative Extension for taking a Nutrition and Health Workshop series, where I learned how to maintain a nutritional diet and lifestyle. I am very resourceful and tenacious and I apply myself.

I became inspired to write a book to teach others, self-reliance, through the power of affirmations. Through my techniques, the readers learn the grace of surrender, love, prosperity and compassion. My main idea with this book is to show the readers the importance of learning positive thinking and making positive affirmations and how this affects our subconscious mind.

Everyone can develop emotional and mental growth patterns by being more aware and focusing on their goals and learning to use their personal mind power. Finally through the Affirmations in my book the readers will gain understanding that they are the thinker and they hold the the power of their own mind and life destiny.

Rafaela Alba