332 by Rafaela Alba

Love is the source and enjoyment of life. You are love and when you don’t experience it inside you, you feel disappointed and nothings satisfy you. You can have a great relationship with your partner, an amazing house, creative job/business, good economy, fun friends; a bunch of vacations trips, but none of these blesses will fulfill you, until you learn self appreciation. Continue reading THE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF


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by Rafaela Alba

Affirmations are thoughts we send to our subconscious mind. These can be positive or negative. As you practice positive affirmations your cells will be calmed; you will feel optimistic and your self-esteem will improve. Affirmations will sustain you while you move forward and expand your life goals. The affirmations you will learn in my blog web site and my book will guide you to be more disciplined about recognizing how your conscious mind works so that you’ll become more aware of what you want. I write or say affirmations with a positive attitude and then try to pause to take a moment to reflect on and feel my emotions. In the beginning it may be tough to believe your affirmations, resistance will appear, but the more you write and repeat them, the more familiar and comfortable you will feel. Miracles will take place if you only believe in them.  When you make your affirmations, there can be  no doubts. Always believe, keep the faith and they will manifest. Affirmations are like mind maps, try to visualize your wishes at the time you say them. Continue reading AFFIRMATIONS FOR TRANSFORMATION


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Last year I decided to bring changes to my life. I made this decision because I was not completely happy with some of the things that I was facing in my life. My mother had experienced a heart attack; my relationship with my partner dissolved because he was emotionally and spiritually unavailable; I got laid off from my job; and my uncle had passed away (someone who I had considered to be more than my father). I suffered from an emotional death. I felt there were no accomplishments in my existence. My life was almost in a catastrophe. I felt as if I were spinning out of control. My feelings were moving from one place to the other. I was sinking in the mud, asphyxiating, and could almost feel my last breaths. Continue reading LOVE ORIGINATES WITHIN ME

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